FIRST INTERNATIONAL SERVICES : Recruitment company Providing candidates From Tunisia and Morocco
  First International Services..Tunisian Recruitment company


Our team comprises of highly qualified and experienced associates who possess all the required resources to assist you the best of their abilities.

Our activity includes several services:

-           We provide a highly detailed and systematic database of candidates with different specialties : tourism, selling, engineering, oil and gaz industry, medicine…to help them finding overseas positions in their  field  of business.

-           We extend our offers to various industries including professional, semi-skilled, and skilled.

-           In the stage of preselecting, our candidates are subjugated to an evaluation of English language test.

-          Most of our candidates speak fluently Arabic, their native language and speak English at different levels in addition to other languages such as French, Spanish, Italian, and German…


Our main concern is to provide the right candidates for right positions, in the right time.

We make from satisfying both candidates and customers, our essential worry and we put in your hands different means of recruitment: you can send a delegate from your company to assist and proceed to selection of candidates himself or you can make an interview with candidates by internet or by phone call.

Through those means, you can with collaboration of our company advice to service clients via jobs estates through their skills, experience and ability to work in foreign countries mainly the gulf countries and allocate them in the right positions there.


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